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Our Process

Smiling man standing and holding handle of a T-Shirt press. Man has tattoos on arms, wearing black shirt, baseball cap, and glasses.
Mark with the T-Shirt press

Designed with love and intention, every step of the way.

We have a unique approach to creating the inspirational shirts at Tummy Tees. Instead of relying on drop shipping or overseas manufacturing, we take immense pride in crafting each garment ourselves. Our journey begins with diving deep into the Bible, seeking out words that reflect life before Christ and showcase Jesus’ love towards children. By doing so, we create designs that resonate with Christian families, while also promoting spiritual growth.

Man cutting plastic roll that reads "WHERE ARE YOU?" with scissors. Man has arm tattoos, black T-shirt, baseball cap, and glasses.
Mark cuts designs for Tummy Tees

We meticulously design and produce each shirt, ensuring unparalleled quality and authenticity. This hands-on approach not only makes our products stand out, but also allows us to contribute directly to Waystation Community, our nonprofit organization. By supporting those in recovery and guiding them towards home ownership, every Tummy Tee purchase helps make a meaningful impact in fighting addiction.

Man adjusting white baby onesies hanging on hangers. Man has arm tattoos, black T-shirt, baseball cap, and glasses.
Mark with onesies, prepping for printing

To learn more about our creative process and our devotion to Waystation Community’s goals, head over to our blog post for an in-depth look at our inspiring story.


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A tee for you. A home for another.

Every Tummy Tees purchase supports Waystation Community, our non-profit organization that provides a home and mentorship for those who are re-entering independent living after completing long-term, faith-based drug or alcohol treatment.

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