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Transform your life with Tummy Tees. Empower, inspire, and connect through faith-based fashion.

Tummy Tees is a company that creates unique and inspiring clothing designs, aimed at uplifting the spirit and reminding people of their faith in God. Through our products, we provide customers with both comfort and motivation by incorporating positive messages and faith-based themes into daily wear. Tummy Tees helps bridge the gap between modern, busy lifestyles and maintaining a strong connection with Jesus.

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Inspiring faith through intentional apparel for the whole family.

Tummy Tees is a brand passionately dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to overcome the challenges of addiction and personal struggles. We understand that every person’s path is unique, and that various vices can steal joy, fulfillment, energy, and direction from our lives.


Through our carefully crafted clothing line, we aim to celebrate those who choose the courageous path of self-improvement by confronting their inner demons – be it pride, dishonesty, fear, anxiety, or other harmful habits. By wearing Tummy Tees apparel, our customers join a supportive community determined to walk together in faith, while embracing change and breaking free from the chains that once held them back. Tummy Tees embodies this spirit of resilience and unity as we strive to inspire healing and growth for all who wear our products.


By purchasing a Tummy Tee from our online store, not only will you receive a unique design inspired by Scripture, but you'll also support a worthy cause. Each purchase helps fund Waystation Community, our non-profit organization that provides a home and mentorship for folks transitioning into independent living after completing long-term, faith-based drug or alcohol treatment. So, shop joyfully, knowing you’re making a positive impact while expressing your faith and style.


We’re Cheryl and Mark.
The creative team behind Tummy Tees.

We are a dynamic and passionate couple who, despite reaching an age many consider retirement, are fully invested in making a positive difference in the lives of others. Drawing from our own experiences with personal struggles and eventual redemption, we dedicate ourselves to helping fellow parents avoid the pitfalls we encountered on our journey. 


With Tummy Tees as our platform, our ultimate goal is to promote Christian values and encourage spiritual growth within families. We offer thoughtfully designed garments that not only serve practical clothing purposes,  but also contribute to creating a fun, intentional learning environment at home. Through our dedication to this mission, we aim to support parents in raising children with strong faith foundations and a deep understanding of the importance of love, compassion, and empathy.

Cheryl and Mark, founders of Tummy Tees and Waystation Community
Mark, co-founder of Tummy Tees, screenprinting custom faith-based shirts.


Designed with love and intention, every step of the way.

We have a unique approach to creating the inspirational shirts at Tummy Tees. Instead of relying on drop shipping or overseas manufacturing, we take immense pride in crafting each garment ourselves. Our journey begins with diving deep into the Bible, seeking out words that reflect life before Christ and showcase Jesus’ love towards children. By doing so, we create designs that resonate with Christian families, while also promoting spiritual growth.


We meticulously design and produce each shirt, ensuring unparalleled quality and authenticity. This hands-on approach not only makes our products stand out, but also allows us to contribute directly to Waystation Community, our nonprofit organization. By supporting those in recovery and guiding them towards home ownership, every Tummy Tee purchase helps make a meaningful impact in fighting addiction.


To learn more about our creative process and our devotion to Waystation Community’s goals, head over to our blog post for an in-depth look at our inspiring story.

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