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Our Team

Man and woman standing, smiling and posing, wearing similar black T-shirts that read "OTHERS" and "GIVE ENCOURAGEMENT"
Mark and Cheryl

We’re Cheryl and Mark. The creative team behind Tummy Tees.

We are a dynamic and passionate couple who, despite reaching an age many consider retirement, are fully invested in making a positive difference in the lives of others. Drawing from our own experiences with personal struggles and eventual redemption, we dedicate ourselves to helping fellow parents avoid the pitfalls we encountered on our journey.

With Tummy Tees as our platform, our ultimate goal is to promote Christian values and encourage spiritual growth within families. We offer thoughtfully designed garments that not only serve practical clothing purposes, but also contribute to creating a fun, intentional learning environment at home. Through our dedication to this mission, we aim to support parents in raising children with strong faith foundations and a deep understanding of the importance of love, compassion, and empathy.


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A tee for you. A home for another.

Every Tummy Tees purchase supports Waystation Community, our non-profit organization that provides a home and mentorship for those who are re-entering independent living after completing long-term, faith-based drug or alcohol treatment.

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